How to change a HTTP website to HTTPS

How to change a HTTP website to HTTPS

How to convert http site to https

How do I change my website from http to https ? has becomes the most sought-after answer in Google after they have announced that their Chrome Browser will mark all websites without a SSL certificate as “Not Secure”. 

How to change my website from HTTP to HTTPS

In this post, I will show you how to do it for free and as well as the paid methods.

Demystifying the Secured and Unsecured – The Http: vs Https  

HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol by layman term is a method by which a browser talks or communicates with the server ( where all your web site’s files are stored ), any information passing through the communication channel can be intercepted and reach in the hand of unintended persons and can be misused. 

Client Server over HTTP

Every day we share our personal information over the Internet with different websites whether it’s making a purchase or simply logging in. In order to protect the data we send across, a secure connection needs to be created.

Client Server over HTTPS

Here comes HTTPS or Secure HTTP is an encryption method that secures the connection between users’ browser and server. This makes it harder for hackers to eavesdrop on the connection.

If HTTPS is more secure than HTTP, why don’t all websites use HTTPS?

It is a valid question, but the reality is that setting up secure sites isn’t as easy as you would expect. things are easier than e.g. 10 years ago, and less expensive now but still the time it requires and the additional costs tend to discourage many from setting up secure sites.

But relax read through the post here I will guide you step by step How to configure your website and get it migrated from HTTP to HTTPS for free.

First step to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS is to get a Security Certificate or SSL  for your website, you can buy it, the price can be from $ 5 to  $ 600 or even you can get it for free.

In a situation like this, it is often hard to decide which kind of SSL Certificate to opt for, often we are overwhelmed by questions like

– Which is the right kind of SSL Certificate for my site?

Let me address it by pointing out the difference between them one is Basic Security Certificate and another is Extended Validation Certificate or EV Certificate. 

If you are running a regular blog, an information website or a website which accepts online payment through Paypal or any other payment gateway, you can opt for the basic certificate as it is SEO friendly and favoured by Google Chrome browser.

Address bar of Basic Security Certificate
Address bar of Basic Security Certificate website – which just shows the padlock in green followed by the word ‘Secure’ and https:// 

On the other hand, if you are a big E-Commerce company or majorly into financial transactions, and banking and then you might consider buying an Extended Validation Certificate or EV Certificate in short.

Extended Validation Certificate address bar
Extended Validation Certificate address bar clearly mentioning the name of the company on the address bar after the green padlock.

Here comes the method where you can get an SSL without actually purchasing an SSL and bypass all the complexities of installation and configuration yet implementing SSL on the website through a Content Delivery Network ( CDN )

It is a quite simple and straightforward method where your DNS server is rerouted through the CDN and it uses the SSL Certificate of CDN server.

Cloudflare dramatically improves website performance through our global CDN and web optimization features and offers Free to SSL to your site.

In the video below it shows step by step guide to set up and migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, watch till the end, hope you will be able to migrate your website with ease. 


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