How to Earn from YouTube Videos in 2018

How to Earn from YouTube Videos in 2018

Earning from your YouTube videos! Sounds Mythical?

Here is a step by step guide to make you understand – how to Earn From YouTube Videos.

If you are planning to start your own YouTube channel, and start earning from it, read the article till the end. Here I have explained in details of every step and best practices in earning from YouTube.

YouTube: Since its inception, before it was owned by Google I have been following Youtube and its hosted contents. It takes quite a bit of time to understand the process of earning money from YouTube, here I have broken it down to a step by step guide. First and foremost one has to understand the role players or the parties involved in the business model.

Understanding the Chain of Parties involved in YouTube Monetization Program :


How to Earn from YouTube Videos in 2018


1. Publisher 

One who creates and publishes his/her content in YouTube, following its policies and guidelines.

Any Gmail account holder can be a publisher.


2. YouTube – The Delivery Platform

It is the content delivery platform which delivers the created content world wide,  also known as CDN ( Content Delivery Network ), it delivers the content through apps or browser.

3.  Advertiser 

One who places their advertisements on the published content, through bidding on keywords. An advertiser bids on a set of keywords, through Google AdWords.

4. Google AdSense 

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, all successful bids are targeted to site content and audience by AdSense, it works an interface between Advertiser and Publisher.



Getting Started : Create your own YouTube Channel

To create your own YouTube Channel, you have to have a Gmail account 

Don’t have a Gmail account ? Click here to know how to create a Gmail account 

Once your Gmail account is created you go ahead with creation of your YouTube channel,  log on to with your Gmail ID. Create your own YouTube channel.

Click here to view video tutorial on how to create your YouTube channel – in English

If you want me to create the YouTube channel and manage it for you, write me at 

Follow the following steps to create the YouTube Channel : 

1. Open your Favorite Browser.
2. Go to YouTube
3. Click “Sign in” Button at the Top Right Corner of the Page.
4. Enter Your Gmail address and password.
5. Click “Sign in”.
6. Click on Your Thumb Image at Top Right Corner of the Page.
7. Click on “Creator Studio” Button.
8. You need to create a Channel to Upload Videos on YouTube.
9. Click on “Create a Channel” Link.
10. You May Proceed with the Current User Name or You can create a separate channel for your business.
11. To do so, click on this link.
12. Enter a Name for Your Channel.
13. Select a Category that best describes your channel.
14. Agree to the terms and condition and click “done”.
15. That’s it, a new YouTube Channel Has Been added to your account.
16. This is how you can create a YouTube Channel.

Once your YouTube channel is created and verified, next step is to monetize the channel.


How to Earn from YouTube Videos in 2018

For those who are not fluent in English, you can watch the video which explains in step by step, all that is needed to Earn from YouTube Videos in 2018  

Watch Step by Step Video Tutorial in Hindi