Welcome to Future

Welcome to Future

Amit Ghosh – among the early pioneer of digital media entertainment, has witnessed the emergence of digital media in the entertainment industry. Amit has been all through the journey of communication design evolution especially in the field of entertainment and media,

Computing with minimal processor power to higher and higher processing power, a narrow band with the Internet to 4G and 5G speed. Audio Visual communication has traveled far from CGA monitors to 4K Ultra HD display in a very short period of time. The communication content and its delivery have also undergone a sea change along with its target audience.

Innovation in communication design is the key mantra of Brand Success – Amit Ghosh

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Creating Opportunities and Through Knowledge Sharing in Digital Media Communication Design and Content Production


Selecting the correct mix of communication medium, and customized channel-specific content can occupy significant mind space, thus creating a brand.

Dreamweavers is founded by Amit Ghosh to help young entrepreneurs and performing artists to build up their brand and promote them in cyberspace

I am a story teller, who spends most on learning ! and earns from learning…Amit Ghosh

Amit is an Editor by profession, Director by vision, Entrepreneur by right.

With over 16 years of first-hand experience on Broadcast Post Production, On-Air Promotion, and content production. Passionate about Communication design, he shares his keen interest in working with space, working with colors, arts, and science of photography. To share his knowledge and creating opportunities for growth Amit Ghosh conducts workshop and training program on online Brand Promotion. To know more about the training program and workshop  mail to Getintouch@amitghosh.co.in