Creating a Survival Kit for an AV Editor

Creating a Survival Kit for an AV Editor

What is Survival Kit ? Why it is important for all AV Editors ? How to Create a Survival Kit – Read the post to update yourself

What is a survival kit ?

Survival Kit is bundle of basic tools and supplies accumulated before hand, which may come handy during an emergency.

As audio video editors often has to work under strict deadlines, be it be time or budget. Often editors face unforeseen challenges with file formats and storage compatibility. On the creative front Editors some time have to contribute with creative stock footage, still image, audio bed music and foley sounds while working on non commercial or demo projects.


Tool Kit For Editor

Survival Kit for an AV Editor

A survival kit is not just for trekker or adventure enthusiast,  every profession has their own set of survival kit, long distance truck drivers to software engineers all have their backup plan ready in case of any exigency. A professional matures with time and work, which is experience. As the professional  grows  develop with own set of skills to deal with any unplanned development.

Dealing with unplanned development in professional life of Digital Video Editors of Television, Film and other rich media is this post all about. 

As a professional AV Editor a repository of tools and media contents which may come handy in any project in any platform. Lets start with what are the things which an AV Editor should have.

5 Most Important Things

  1. Storage Detection and transfer tools, File Format Conversion tools

  2. Royalty Free Stock of Audio – Properly Tagged

  3. Royalty free high resolution images – With Description

  4. Royalty Free HD videos of Backgrounds, Nature Footage – Tagged

  5. Cloud Storage space to secure media assets, projects files and backup


I have made the list based on condition of portability across most hardware and software platform. Deliberately kept the never ending list of NLE plugins as the are mostly tool specific and very much version dependent.

I will be posting tips and tricks of Post Production and Non Linear Editing on this page on regular basis, and will be updated, so please do come back for more updates.

If you feel that, I have missed out on something, comment on the form below.

Please write on the comment box  – What you feel should be included in the survival tool kit for Editors ?