What is Adobe VoCo – The Photoshop For Voice

What is Adobe VoCo – The Photoshop For Voice

With advancement of technology the battle between Truth and Reality is ever raging, a new software from has driven it a step further. with the announcement of Adobe VoCo .   can make a person “say” something they never said at all ! In the age of information manipulation, this new voice editing technology could present mounting challenges to our well being.

In my early days, as I started my career working with Photoshop ver. 2.5 , it was magic to me. The ability to create, blend and manipulate awed me, but it wasn’t long before users started to use the product for more nefarious purposes. 

Adobe Photoshop 2.5 splash screen
Splash screen of Adobe Photoshop 2.5

What happens when Photoshop (or programs like it) becomes so advanced that it’s nearly impossible to spot a fake? – it becomes Verb !

Photoshop (and “Photoshopping,” it’s adapted verb version) has become shorthand for speaking about any manipulated photo. The term has woven itself into our everyday language, it demonstrates how widespread our understanding that – images can be easily digitally manipulated has become.


What’s Next? The Photoshop for Voice – Adobe VoCo


Adobe VoCo Splash screen option
Probable Splash Screen for Adobe VoCo

After successfully creating the state of  “suspended disbelief” visually by Photoshop, Adobe has now come up with  .  A path-breaking voice sampling and voice synthesis software, which can reproduce exact voice match for a sampled voice.

How does Adobe Voco work?

A typical audio editing software represents audio in a visual waveform and offers standard ‘cut’ ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ form of audio editing inside the software platform, few advanced Video and Audio Editing software from the stable of Adobe can create transcripts and perform select, cut, copy and paste operations directly in the transcript; these operations are then automatically applied to the waveform in a straight forward manner, a feature quite popular in Adobe Audio Editor and video editor such as Adobe Premiere 7. 

However, these audio-video editors do not allow to insert a new word or phrase which do not already exist in the recording.  

Although high-quality text to voice synthesizers exist today, the challenge is to synthesize the new word in a voice that matches the rest of the narration. 

Here comes the master of audio manipulation Adobe Voco 

The software can not only synthesize a new voice from the text, but it can also match to the rest of the voice.  

This powerful software from Adobe offers a range of degrees of control to the editor, the interface supports fully automatic synthesis, selection among a candidate set of alternative pronunciations, fine control over edit placements and pitch profiles, and even guidance by the editors own voice. 

Adobe VoCo records voice samples, including accents and scanning of the speaker, and can reproduce the identical voice from any new entered text, i.e. in a way one can now literally put words into any bodies mouth.

VoCo Text to Voice screen
Adobe VoCo – Manipulate Voice like Text

VoCo takes in large amounts of voice data and breaks it into the distinct sounds that make up spoken language, collectively known as phonemes, before creating a voice model of whoever is recorded. If a word isn’t already in the recording, then the program will use these phonemes to create it from scratch.

Watch the video from the Adobe research lab demonstrating the powerful features of Adobe Voco : 

Adobe VoCo – The announcement and demo 

It was first previewed at the Adobe MAX event on November 2016 and is expected to be part of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Watch the video of the official announcement of Adobe VoCo The Photoshop For Voice, and demonstration by Jeyu Jin from Adobe. The program is billed as “Photoshop for voice,” and part of the demonstration showed how to alter a voice recording of Keegan-Michael Key, of Key & Peelefame. It seamlessly shifted the order of words within the recording, in addition to adding new words to it.

In nick of time, “I kissed my dogs and my wife” became “I kissed Jordan three times.”

Watch Recording of Adobe MAX 2016 (Sneak Peeks) | Adobe Creative Cloud

 The Ethical Issues on the Adobe Voco Audio Manipulation 

 As with many content-manipulation technologies, over the initial applause and adulation loom questions about the way such tech could easily be used to cause harm in many ways.

While in the wrong hands one can imagine a situation where a voice of politician, popular leader or statesman is cloned and distributed electronically to create wide spread rumors, resulting racial and ethnic violence.  Generation of fake news content will be on rise, and worst of all – Adobe VoCo can make a person “say” something they never said at all ! 

Although Adobe has claimed to have addressed the issue by putting on digital watermark for the manipulated / generated file, which shall make it identifiable, but it would just be matter of time that the code would be on the dark web, hacked and reprogrammed for without watermark version.  

As ethical and security concerns haunts the official launch, exact date of release is yet unknown.

Read the BBC reports on the ethical and security concerns – http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-37899902


What is The Launch Date of Adobe VoCo Photoshop for Voice ?

Even after official announcement in November 2016, till date Adobe has not come up with any official release date of Adobe VoCo, till date it is just an frozen embryo in Adobe’s Lab. Numerous Queries have been posted in the forum of Adobe but the official version remains to be :

Beta Testing VoCo

“For the record, as awesome as the VoCo demo was, it’s still a research prototype and has not yet been planned for release in any product.”

For more on VoCo release dates and related queries you can visit Adobe Forum https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2234305  


Do you feel Adobe should officially launch Adobe VoCo ? Is there a need for it ? Or its just a fancy we can afford without ! 

Awaiting Your Comments 🙂



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