Apple just announced the next iPhone event date

Apple just announced the next iPhone event date

Rumours are on all time high on the release dates of next iPhone as the Apple Inc. shares hit a record high amid speculation that Apple plans to release three new smartphones this year September 12th may be the probable announcement on the “Gather round” event. Following are the reports from the top media on Apples’ new releases.

Gather Round - next iPhone XS would be released
Logo for ‘Gather round’ Apple Special Event on 12th September at Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino where Next iPhone will be released

Stock Prices of Apple hit all-time high after the announcement of Special Event at Cupertino Campus on 12th September 2018. Read Full Report on The Guardian.


Apple is also reportedly planning major redesigns for the MacBook Air and Mac mini this fall, but it’s unclear whether those will debut at the iPhone event. The new MacBook Air would be cheaper and feature slimmer bezels and a Retina display. The Mac mini could include a much-needed spec boost. We could also see a new iPad Pro with Face ID and an Apple Watch with a bigger display. If all these hardware rumors come to fruition, this would be one of Apple’s biggest events in a while, though the company tends to save Mac announcements for later in the fall.


Other rumors indicate that the cheapest new iPhone might come in a variety of unconventional colors that’ll pop. (I hope that’s true!) All the phones could also include gesture controls and Apple’s Face ID unlocking system. Meanwhile, 3D Touch might be removed from at least one of the devices, which would represent an incredible about-face after the company made a huge deal about the feature during its debut in 2015.


So far, we’ve heard there might be three new iPhones, including an upgraded iPhone X with a 5.8-inch OLED screen. There could also be a cheaper version of the iPhone X with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and another high-end device with a 6.5-inch OLED.


Apple sent invites today for its annual fall iPhone event where it’s expected to announce multiple new iPhones and possibly a new Apple Watch and an updated iPad Pro. It’ll take place on September 12th in Cupertino, California. The invite features a bronze circle, not unlike the new Apple Park campus that opened last year, without providing much in the way of further hints.


Lunch of next iPhone XS
Apple is expected to reveal fresh iPhone models next month. Photograph: Chris McGrath/Getty Images



Forbes Insight into – How the next iPhone may look like  

And yet, when it comes to iPhones, this only seems to cause problems. As by far Apple’s most successful and most mainstream product, the iPhone needs easy identification between sizes. It also sets up a situation where the phone’s successors become the iPhone XI, XIS, XII, XIIS and so forth, which is convoluted, to say the least.


“We believe that the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones will both be called ,” says Rambo. This would align with Apple’s use a single name for the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro.


Interestingly, the image itself is perhaps the least interesting part of the leak. It shows the second generation 5.8-inch iPhone X and new supersized 6.5-inch model (for which we already know all the specifications) together, as well as the gold finish Apple previously tested with the original iPhone X but never released. Both models also have a notch, though the strategically positioned wallpaper obscures this from view.


Credit for the discovery goes to 9to5Mac and its almost infallible tipster Guilherme Rambo who has attained finalised press photography of the new iPhones, along with confirmation of a new colour.


This is it. Following months of Apple  dropping hints about its new iPhones deep inside iOS 12, now the company has ‘accidentally’ misplaced an official image of its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus for everyone to see… 


Leaked Image of iphone XS which comes with gold color and Plus-sized display


As I write through the blog numerous reports are confirming the release dates of the next iPhone launch to be announced on the ‘Gather around’ the event at Seve Jobs Theatre on 12th September 2018.

Watch as the world’ leading tech portal Cnet reports on the event ” What Apple’s invites tell us about the next iPhone event and what we’re expecting.” 

By Indian standard purchasing power, Apple phones trend to cater the elite, as the average cost of a phone from Apple starts at INR 30,000 plus, there is still no dearth of buyers.  As the report from CNET states, there might be a shuffle in the pricing of the phones, to increase the sales volume. Apple expects to reach the sales volume of 70 – 75 million units by end of this year, the upcoming models are expected to give higher shipping momentum than its preceding generations.

Popular tech Journal – MacRumors says 2018 has seen a steep rise in iPhone shipments of iPhone 6 lineup.

With a target of 70-75 million unit sale, Apple probably can’t ignore the emerging market economy like India, 

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